Comunidad Colectiva

Champion of Liberty

Comunidad Collectiva is a grassroots community organization that advocates for and protects the human rights of immigrants in Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas. The all-volunteer group is primarily led by directly affected youth and supported by allies.

For more than a decade, Comunidad has organized against the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s 287(g) program, a partnership with federal immigration officers that has targeted immigrant communities, encouraged racial profiling, immigrant communities, and led to the deportation of more than 15,000 people in Mecklenburg County alone. This year, along with the ACLU of North Carolina and other local groups, Comunidad helped lead a countywide campaign to educate voters about the harms of 287(g). The next Mecklenburg County sheriff has pledged to end the program.

Learn more about this year's Liberty Awards Dinner on October 6, 2018, in Chapel Hill and purchase tickets here.

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