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Deputy Director for Engagement and Mobilization


Policy and Advocacy

Kristie Puckett Williams is the Deputy Director for Engagement and Mobilization for the ACLU of North Carolina. Her direct experience with poverty, drug addiction, domestic violence, and incarceration have led her to pursue a career in policy and advocacy. She is an issue area expert on the conditions of confinement for women and girls, including pregnant women and girls in carceral facilities. Puckett also serves as the Chair of the Women in Incarceration Workgroup for the State Reentry Council Collaborative and as a commissioner on the North Carolina Commission on Racial & Ethnic Disparities in the Criminal Justice System (NC CRED). She holds an M.A. in Human Services Counseling: Addiction and Recovery Counseling. Kristie was recently awarded the highest honor by the NC Attorney General the Dogwood Award for her tireless advocacy for incarcerated pregnant women. Kristie serves on several boards for both national and statewide organizations, as well as serves as an advisor on many research projects, lending her lived expertise to research.