Michael Mocciaro



Michael Mocciaro joined the ACLU of North Carolina in April 2018 as the organization's Paralegal.

Before becoming a paralegal, Michael studied Archival Science, focusing on the preservation, organization, and description of paper archives. He did so despite the fact that it is now the 21st Century.

Michael moved to Durham, North Carolina with his wife and two cats (Eleanor and Little Dude) from Los Angeles, California in September 2017.  In addition to his work as an archivist and paralegal, he also worked as a Dog Walker in Downtown Los Angeles, where he would walk upwards of six dogs at a time and answer the question "are all of those your dogs" with a straight face.

He has a Masters in Library and Information Science from UCLA, but is not necessarily looking to join any other organizations with those letters as an acronym. 

He is excited to be working for the ACLU of North Carolina in support of all of their amazing endeavors.