HB142 seeks to prevent public schools and local governments from adopting good policies guaranteeing that transgender people can access facilities matching their gender. It also says that local governments cannot pass ordinances protecting LGBT people -- or anyone else -- from discrimination in employment or public places until December 2020.

HB142 is not a true repeal of HB2, North Carolina's infamous anti-LGBT law that prevented many transgender people from using restrooms and other facilities that match their gender. Instead, it keeps in place many of the harmful parts of HB2 and doubles down on the dangerous lie that transgender people are a threat to privacy and public safety.

HB142 does do one very important thing, however: Even though schools and local governments may not be able to adopt good policies to proactively protect transgender people from discrimination and harassment, they can no longer block transgender people from using facilities that match their gender. 

The ACLU and Lambda Legal are seeking to amend their legal challenge to HB2 to challenge HB142 as well.


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