The ACLU of North Carolina works in the North Carolina General Assembly and local communities to defend and advance the civil rights and civil liberties of all North Carolinians. When the state legislature is in session, we review every bill for its potential impact on civil liberties and often conduct advocacy on dozens of pieces of legislation at any given time. The long session resumed on January 30, 2019 and is currently ongoing. 

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HB 28 - Prohibit Abortions After 13 Weeks

The ACLU of North Carolina opposes this bill because it would make abortions less accessible by decreasing the amount of time a person has to receive abortion care. Under this legislation, abortions would be banned after 13 weeks of gestation.

March 14, 2019 Reproductive Freedom

HB 791 - Law Enforcement Agency Records

House Bill 791 would allow law enforcement agencies to disclose police video footage to city councils or county commissions, city or county managers, or citizens review boards — all of whom would be bound by confidentiality agreements. Currently, law enforcement agencies cannot rel
April 24, 2019 Criminal Law Reform