CHARLOTTE – The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina today announced plans to educate voters about the civil rights and civil liberties issues at stake in the May 8 primary election for Mecklenburg County Sheriff.  

While the ACLU of North Carolina does not support, oppose, or endorse candidates, the organization has started this push because the race will help shape priorities on issues such as immigrants’ rights, police accountability, and the rights of incarcerated people in North Carolina’s most populous county. The ACLU-NC and Action NC are highlighting the three candidates’ positions on those issues through a scorecard released today.

“We are engaging in this work because there is so much at stake for civil liberties and the rights of all communities in Mecklenburg County,” said Sarah Gillooly, Director of Political Strategy and Advocacy for the ACLU of North Carolina. “Mecklenburg’s next sheriff should work to ensure that all communities are safe, and that the county’s law enforcement policies promote justice, fairness, and nondiscrimination. Regardless of the outcome, our goal is to make sure that voters have accurate information about the civil rights records of the candidates and to show the candidates that these issues are important to voters.”  

Over the next few weeks, the organization is planning to partner with other local nonprofit organizations and community members to organize phone banks and canvassing in order to speak directly with voters about the crucial civil liberties issues on the line in the race.  

The ACLU’s scorecard showing the sheriff candidates’ positions on immigrants’ rights, police accountability, and the rights of incarcerated people is available here.

The ACLU is a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse or oppose any candidate for office. The ACLU’s goal is to promote voter education and voter participation.

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