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  1. Buffkin v. Hooks: Hepatitis C Treatment for People Incarcerated

    June 15, 2018CaseCriminal Law Reform
  2. NC NAACP v. Cooper (Rights of Incarcerated People)

    April 21, 2020CaseCriminal Law Reform
  3. Solitary Confinement

    October 16, 2019CaseCriminal Law Reform
  4. Hallinan v. Scarantino

    October 26, 2020CaseCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice
  5. Johnson v. Goodwin

    May 29, 2018CaseCriminal Law Reform
  6. Zayre-Brown v. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety

    December 21, 2022CaseLGBTQIA+ Equality, Criminal Law Reform
  7. Guill v. Allen (previously Allison, et al. v. Allen)

    November 12, 2019CaseCriminal Law Reform
  8. Williams v. Carvajal

    December 21, 2022CaseCriminal Law Reform