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  1. ACLU-NCLF to Rowan County School Board: Allow Student Gay Straight Alliances

    June 23, 2006Press releaseLGBTQIA+ Equality, Student Rights
  2. Catawba County Allows Anti-Hate Protest to Go Forward Following ACLU-NC Intervention

    May 24, 2012Press releaseLGBTQIA+ Equality, Free Speech
  3. Federal Appeals Court to Hear Arguments in Virginia Marriage Case

    May 12, 2014Press releaseLGBTQIA+ Equality
  4. Federal Appeals Court Declares Virginia Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

    July 28, 2014Press releaseLGBTQIA+ Equality
  5. ACLU Urges Court to Strike Down North Carolina Marriage Ban Following Fourth Circuit Ruling

    August 14, 2014Press releaseLGBTQIA+ Equality
  6. U.S. Supreme Court Denies Review of Same-Sex Marriage Cases

    October 6, 2014Press releaseLGBTQIA+ Equality
  7. ACLU Comment on Status of N.C. Marriage Cases

    October 10, 2014Press releaseLGBTQIA+ Equality
  8. Second Federal Judge Rules N.C. Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

    October 14, 2014Press releaseLGBTQIA+ Equality
  9. U.S. Supreme Court Establishes Marriage Equality Nationwide

    June 26, 2015Press releaseLGBTQIA+ Equality
  10. ACLU-NC Letter: Lake Lure School Should Rescind Ban on Student Clubs

    November 18, 2015Press releaseLGBTQIA+ Equality, Student Rights