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  1. ACLU-NC Protests Proposed Saggy Pants Ban in City of Dunn

    August 1, 2012News updateCriminal Law Reform
  2. ACLU-NC Calls for Investigation Into Reports that Police Spied on Peaceful Protestors in Raleigh, Charlotte

    October 15, 2013News updateCriminal Law Reform, Privacy
  3. ACLU-NC-Sponsored Panel Discusses Censorship of Comics

    July 3, 2014News updateCriminal Law Reform
  4. North Carolina Appeals Court Hears Arguments over Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking

    June 2, 2015News updatePrivacy, Criminal Law Reform
  5. 2016 Paul Green Award Recipient: Darryl Hunt

    February 4, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform
  6. Keith Lamont Scott deserves justice

    September 22, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform
  7. Huge win for juvenile justice, a setback for LGBTQ equality, and everything in between at the General Assembly

    July 7, 2017News updateLGBTQIA+ Equality, Criminal Law Reform, Reproductive Justice, Free Speech, Immigrants' Rights
  8. The Results Are In: North Carolina’s Law to Drug Test Work First Applicants is a Costly and Mean-Spirited Waste of Time

    February 10, 2016News updatePrivacy, Criminal Law Reform
  9. North Carolina Appeals Court Strikes Blow to Privacy Rights

    September 17, 2015News updatePrivacy, Criminal Law Reform
  10. Justice Denied

    June 24, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform