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One ACLU, many ways to give

With your help, the ACLU works for freedom, fairness, and equality for everyone in America. Your donation to the ACLU of North Carolina is shared with the national ACLU to protect civil rights all over the country and right here at home. Tax-deductible gifts (501c3) allow for litigation and public education. Non-tax deductible gifts (501c4) support ACLU political advocacy and lobbying. A robust membership amplifies our message of justice and equality for all. 

Foundation Gift

Check donations to the ACLU of North Carolina can be mailed to:

ACLU of North Carolina
PO Box 28004
Raleigh, NC 27611


More Ways to Give







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Automobile Donations

Support the ACLU of North Carolina by donating your unwanted car, truck, or motorcycle. When you make a donation, your vehicle is picked up and sold, and the proceeds go to the ACLU of North Carolina.

For more information or to donate a vehicle, call 877-500-2258 or visit CARS, our partner organization


For questions about donations or membership, please contact [email protected].