Since 1968, the ACLU of North Carolina has recognized North Carolinians who have given a lifetime of extraordinary service in defense of civil liberties with our annual Frank Porter Graham Award.

This year we are proud to bestow that honor on Bob Hall, a longtime champion of voting rights and expanded voter participation in North Carolina. Make your reservations to the 2016 Liberty Awards or become a sponsor today!

Bob has worked with grassroots groups across the South since the 1960s, collaborating on wide range of social justice causes. As executive director of Democracy North Carolina, Bob has been a tireless advocate for free and fair elections, playing a key role in bringing same-day registration to North Carolina and working against the many voter suppression laws that have been passed in our state in recent years. He has provided expert testimony in court cases, consulted with officials in a dozen states on voting rights, and was the founding editor of the magazine Southern Exposure, where he worked for 25 years.

The theme of this year's Liberty Awards is "protecting democracy." That's why we're so excited to host Dale Ho, Director of the ACLU Voting Rights Project, who will deliver a keynote speech about the fight for voting rights across the nation, and particularly here in North Carolina. It's also why there is no better time than now to recognize the monumental work that Bob Hall has done to protect democracy for all of us by championing and defending the right to vote.

Please join us on Saturday, April 2, to thank Bob Hall and our other award recipients for all they have done for civil liberties in North Carolina.

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