The General Assembly is returning to Raleigh tomorrow for another special session – this time to address “bills related to election law.” If history is any guide, that could mean more attempts by lawmakers to restrict and suppress voting, especially for people of color in North Carolina.

The General Assembly’s recent track record on voting rights is abysmal. In 2013, legislators passed restrictions that sought to target Black voters “with almost surgical precision,” according to a federal court that overturned the law. The U.S. Supreme Court further ruled that the General Assembly districts were drawn in a racially discriminatory manner that diluted the power of Black and Brown voters.

It’s time to say enough is enough. Voter suppression – past and present – is a shameful Jim Crow tactic that fuels the dangerous rise in white supremacy and racial injustice we are witnessing across the country. There is no place for it in North Carolina in 2017.

Take a stand for racial justice and against white supremacy. Tell your legislator: No more voter suppression.