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Keisha Williams, [email protected]

August 16, 2023

Raleigh — The North Carolina General Assembly voted today to override Governor Cooper’s veto of three bills targeting transgender youth, House Bill 808, House Bill 574, and Senate Bill 49. HB 808 would ban gender-affirming care for minors, HB 574 would prevent transgender youth from participating in team sports that align with their gender identity, and SB49 would limit discussions of gender and sexuality in schools.  

Regarding the House voting to override the vetoes, Director of Policy and Advocacy of the ACLU of North Carolina Liz Barber issued the following statement:   

“These bills will have devastating effects on trans youth who are already facing multiple barriers. This is a coordinated attack on fundamental freedoms that affect us all: inclusion, bodily autonomy, and our right to privacy. Transgender young people deserve to make choices about their own bodies, discuss their identities at school without fear of outing, and participate in sports teams that align with their gender identity. It is shameful that the General Assembly has continued to push this discriminatory agenda. We will continue to advocate for trans youth and protect the freedoms of all North Carolinians.”