In the most recent legislative session, we saw numerous attacks on bodily autonomy and personal freedoms. Lawmakers passed bills restricting reproductive healthcare and targeting LGBTQ youth. As we enter the next election cycle, it's important to know where your representatives stand on these critical issues. 

To find your district and legislators, you can use this tool. All you have to do is enter your address.

The reproductive freedom scorecard evaluates how legislators voted on Senate Bill 20, a sweeping law that severely restricts access to abortion and bans care after the 12th week of pregnancy in nearly all circumstances: both the initial vote and the vote to override Governor Cooper's veto. 

The LGBTQ equality scorecard evaluates how legislators voted on three key anti-trans bills passed during the 2023 session. You can find out more about these bills here

It is your state lawmkers' job to represent your best interests. How did your representatives vote on equality this year?