Video: 2021 Legislative Update Conversation

On May 24, 2021, we hosted an online conversation about important legislative issues currently pending at the N.C. General Assembly.

This conversation focused on where bills are within the legislative process and what North Carolinians can do to take action on issues they care about.

The video is embedded on this page (or view on YouTube) and there are resources below related to the legislation discussed. Additionally, there are links below to take action on some of the bills that are moving through the legislative process. 

Anti-Immigrant Legislation 

Racial Justice 

  • HB 324:  This bill would ban teachers from using lessons that acknowledge America’s history and legacies related to racism and sexism. See the ACLU of NC’s statement on HB 324 and take action to stop this bill
  • HB 247: encourages schools to use long-term suspensions and expulsion for minor behavioral challenges, such as disrespectful language and dress code violations, which disproportionately harm children with disabilities and/or Black children and contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline. See the fact sheet on HB 247


Anti-Abortion Legislation

Thank you again for joining us or watching the discussion on YouTube - we know there are a lot of proposals moving, and that is why we are so, so thankful for your support!