ACLU of NC Condemns Senate Passage of Anti-Abortion Legislation




RALEIGH, N.C. - This afternoon, the N.C. Senate approved Senate Bill 405 (SB 405), legislation that promotes a false narrative about abortion and abortion providers. The bill now heads to the N.C. House of Representatives. SB 405 is one of several recent anti-abortion efforts. Governor Cooper vetoed a similar bill passed by the state legislature in 2019. Just last week, the N.C. House passed House Bill 453, legislation that would prohibit abortion care based on the reasons informing a person’s decision.

Liz Barber, policy analyst for the ACLU of North Carolina, issued the following statement after the N.C. Senate passage of SB 405:

“We all deserve access to health care based on our medical needs and doctor’s best judgment. If this bill becomes law, doctors may be forced to take babies that have no chance of survival from their parents’ arms to make futile life-saving efforts. Medical professionals are trained to make appropriate decisions about what actions they should take in certain scenarios. It is unimaginable that lawmakers would interject themselves into those final moments in a way that disregards a family’s wishes and a doctor’s training during such a difficult time.

“Existing laws require doctors to provide appropriate care. There is no sign that doctors fail to do so. This bill should be rejected by the House or vetoed by the Governor, should it advance to that point. ''