We all face challenges every single day.

Many challenges are unique and only present themselves to us as individuals. Others, especially in this moment, we face together. And together, we can rise to overcome them.

While the pandemic is a new challenge, racism is not. The virus of racism infected our country long before we challenged ourselves to build “a more perfect union.”

In recent months, it seems like most Americans are awakening to the fact that we have a problem. The next step is to address the problem, and doing so is a collective responsibility that requires individual action.

On November 3, 2020, every eligible North Carolinian will have the ability to do at least one thing to make their voices heard - vote. There are people who are trying to set the stage to delegitimize this year’s election results. Don’t let them convince you that your vote won’t count. 

Be sure to get your information about where, when, and how to vote from official sources such as the State Board of Elections or trusted organizations like Democracy North Carolina or You Can Vote

Voting is just the start. We all know that civic participation requires us to go beyond voting.

With the Republican National Convention (RNC) taking place right now in Charlotte, some of us may engage in acts of protest, taking a stand against the Trump administration’s discriminatory and hateful policies. As a nonpartisan organization, we don’t support or oppose candidates or officials. What we have done for the last 55 years, and will continue to do, is to protect and expand civil liberties and civil rights by challenging administrations of both major political parties.

We won’t stop now.  

If you are considering protesting at the RNC, know that the right to protest is a fundamental human right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment - and while the First Amendment protects your right to protest, exercising this right is never without risk, especially for people of color.

We’ve compiled Know Your Rights information to help our community understand their rights, as well as the risks of protesting during the RNC and amid a global pandemic. Our Know Your Rights web page also includes a link to download our Mobile Justice App (#10 on the list).

Whether it is in the courts, at the legislature, or in the streets, we’re fighting on all fronts to make voting and protesting safer, more secure, and more accessible for North Carolinians.