After tallying votes from members from across the state, we are happy to announce the results of our 2018 elections for the ACLU of North Carolina’s Board of Directors.

One existing board member — Wayne Riggins (Fayetteville) — was re-elected to a second term, while six new candidates — Marisol Barr (Washington), Wilhelmina Bratton (Asheville), Olivia Ensign (Durham), Faisal Khan (Carrboro), Taiyyaba Qureshi (Apex), Adam Stein (Chapel Hill) — were each elected to serve three-year terms. Teuta Shabani Towler (Outer Banks) will fill the remaining two years of a mid-term vacancy.

The ACLU-NC and its Legal Foundation are governed by all-volunteer Boards of Directors, composed of individuals from many different parts of the state and who work in a variety of professions. The Board sets the agenda for our organization and is charged with governance, oversight and securing the resources necessary to carry out our mission.