RALEIGH, N.C. – The following statement was issued by American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina Deputy Director for Engagement and Mobilization Kristie Puckett Williams in response to Governor Cooper's Executive Order to protect abortion access:  

“We are pleased that Governor Cooper is using his executive power to protect abortion access in North Carolina and ensure that state agencies will not participate in the cruel criminal prosecution of non-resident patients. This is a critical time for people to take action as our constitutional rights are under siege and the future is uncertain. We will continue to work with partners and impacted North Carolinians to sustain access to safe abortions, and we encourage state officials throughout the country to use the powers at their disposal to reaffirm the right to abortion and practical access to abortion. Elected leaders at all levels owe it to their constituents to use every possible power to preserve access to reproductive health services. Governor Cooper has taken a significant step forward in an ongoing fight to secure and protect reproductive rights for all North Carolinians."