You have the right to film the police. Our Mobile Justice smartphone app was created to empower individuals to hold North Carolina law enforcement agencies accountable for their actions. Choose your affiliate and download it today!

Download the app on your Android or iOS for free. Disponible en español.

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Our Mobile Justice app allows you to record audio and video which is then automatically sent to the ACLU of North Carolina.

The app has four main features:

  • Record- allows you to capture interactions with police and law enforcement in audio and video files that are automatically emailed to the ACLU of North Carolina.
  • Witness- sends an alert to people with the app who are near you, giving them the option to go to your location in order to witness and document the interaction with law enforcement. 
  • Report- gives you the option to provide a detailed account of interactions with police in a written incident report, which will be sent directly to the ACLU of North Carolina.
  • Know Your Rights- provides an overview of what rights protect North Carolinians when they are stopped by law enforcement officers.

Police officers put their lives on the line to protect and serve the public. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held accountable when they abuse their authority. Transparency is important for building trust among the people they have sworn to protect.

Help spread the word and make sure your friends and family know their rights and download the Mobile Justice NC app on their smartphone.