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ACLU of NC Applauds Gov. Cooper’s Veto of HB 324

“This legislation is part of a nationwide coordinated effort to pass classroom censorship laws that silence Critical Race Theory, diversity curricula, and discussions about racism, sexism, and inequity. We urge lawmakers to uphold the Governor’s veto and protect students’ rights to inclusive...

September 10, 2021

Governor Cooper Vetoes Harsh Anti-Protester Legislation

“This proposal was clearly retaliatory legislation in response to the public demands for racial justice we witnessed last year. Had this become law, it would have dissuaded people from engaging in constitutionally protected acts of protest and empowered law enforcement to target those who...

September 10, 2021

Federal Court Affirms Protections Against Discrimination Under Title VII

In a victory for LGBTQIA employee protections, a federal court in North Carolina ruled today that Charlotte Catholic High School violated Title VII when it fired a substitute teacher, Lonnie Billard, for announcing his plans in a Facebook post in 2014 to marry his longtime same-sex partner.

September 3, 2021