Easy Ways to Support the ACLU of North Carolina's Work:

  1. Join or renew your membership. There’s strength in numbers. With more members, we’re better equipped to hold elected officials accountable.
  2. Be a social media ambassador by following the ACLU of North Carolina on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please share and retweet ACLU of North Carolina's action alerts, which often ask people to call or email elected officials about our most pressing concerns. Let’s make our voices heard!
  3. Know your rights. Check out the ACLU’s online "Know Your Rights" guides. They summarize your rights when protesting, interacting with police, voting, and in many other situations. Share these materials with others.
  4. Tell us if the government has violated your rights in North Carolina.
  5. Sign up to take action and encourage others to do the same.
  6. Host a house party to raise funds for the ACLU of North Carolina.
  7. Ask your friends and family to donate funds to the ACLU of North Carolina in your honor for a wedding, birthday, graduation, or other event.
  8. Be our eyes and ears across North Carolina. If you see civil liberties being violated or suspect they are being violated, let us know. We’re especially interested in having community members monitor the goings-on of local government, where many civil liberties violations occur and go unreported.
  9. Spread the word about the ACLU of North Carolina's work and values. When you read something related to the ACLU’s work in the newspaper, show your support for the ACLU by writing a letter to the editor or op-ed in response.