The ACLU of North Carolina opposes this bill because it singles out non-citizens for differential treatment and makes their personal information public, violating their right to privacy and potentially exposing them to harassment. It could also result in eligible and registered voters being denied their constitutional right to vote.

S.B. 250 would require the State Board of Elections to identify and remove people from voting rolls who -- at some point in the past -- have been excused from jury service because they said they were not U.S. citizens. That information, however, is often unreliable and difficult to verify. For example, a person's information may not be updated after they become a naturalized citizen. Similar voter purge programs have resulted in eligible registered voters having their right to vote denied.

The personal information sent to the State Board, including people’s names and addresses, would eventually become a public record and be accessible to anyone, jeopardizing their privacy and safety.



Senators Krawiec, Sanderson, and Burgin


Vetoed by governor



Bill number

SB 250